Global Business Solutions, SNL


In 2012, the Global Business Solution Group of AT&T tasked the NWPG team with designing an event theme that would allow for some music, some laughs and certainly provide an engaging platform for the business initiatives at hand.  NWPG worked with AT&T to create GBS LIVE!, a concept based on an iconic comedy sketch concept that so many people know and love. To further the GBS LIVE theme, NWPG created several comedy sketch videos…each one giving a wink to some of TV history’s funniest characters while also showcasing the personalities of the GBS leadership. Combining these elements with a live background band and a New York City based stage design, provided the perfect backdrop for the event…  LIVE FROM DALLAS… its GBS LIVE!

— Event + Production Management
— Creative Services
— Speaker Support
— Video Production
— Staging

What a fun concept!

With a nod to an iconic comedy sketch show, NWPG worked with AT&T to create a great show opener that introduced the event presenters and set the stage for the Dallas event.