For its largest sales event of the 2014, AT&T wanted to have an event that established the POWER of its brand; something exciting, colorful and fun… a great way to present the message of the individual executives as well as the unified AT&T Brand. The NWPG team collaborated with the AT&T clients to create a single word theme… “POWER” NWPG based the event on a superhero comic book theme.

This allowed for exciting staging elements, really fun video presentations, and best of all… a POWERFUL platform for the message. 3,000 AT&T employees from across the world attended the event, and stepped into the colorful world of graphic novels with a business twist… business leaders as the superhero stars of the show!

— Event + Production Management
— Creative Services
— Video Production
— Exhibits
— Staging

I just wanted to thank you for a great kickoff. I have been getting great comments. People loved the “Power” theme and comic book idea… folks left pumped up and that is our job! We need them selling.

developing a powerful theme

These on-site pics show the 3d-mapped stage serving as the perfect backdrop for our “super-heroes” presentations... 3,000 attendees spent the day in the comic book universe being empowered to conquer the business world.

These images show how the NWPG team brought the AT&T Executive team into the world of comic book art… the colors and poses were so fun to create and work with, and really got a great response from the attendees.

Each of these videos features original artwork animated into a classic comic book business adventure… NWPG brought in artists and sound designers that could really nail the look and feel of traditional animated comic books. These videos opened the event, introduced the speakers and themes of the day and closed the event.