While each event is truly unique, there is one common denominator that ties all events together: Proper logistic and production management is the absolute foundation of any successful event. The most well-conceived business concepts, messages, and creative devices are lost if an event is not properly managed and produced.

The NWPG team’s production department is vastly experienced. Managing events ranging in size from 200 attendees to thousands of attendees for over 25 years, the NWPG team is well prepared to make sure everything goes as planned on-site.

It All Starts With A Plan...


Once the creative team decides on a concept, the production department gets to work on designing the stage.

transforming “spaces” into “stages”

Moments before kickoff, the event environment is an amazing spectacle…but 24 hours before the kickoff, its just a “space”…a little less “amazing”. The process of transforming a “space” into an exciting, engaging “event stage” requires proper production management: NWPG manages events sizes ranging from single room environments to multi-room, multi building events… transforming “spaces” into “stages”.


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